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Arcana Studio

Shayla M. Rose

"They helped me realise my dreams of building [a] website and business in holistic wellness, including branding myself. My suggestions and vision were considered important to the creator and it shows."

Swathi Reddy

"I cannot begin to express my gratitude for bringing your gifts to our call! I just [finished] looking through the Brand Strategy and it is spot on! You have captured everything in one place and I feel so relieved. I feel like I can express myself and communicate with my potential clients better."

Young Choi

"This is amazing! Thank you x a million. I’m still unpacking all of it, and actually I need to print it out so I can grab pieces that I can flesh out even more for the website. I’m so excited to get into this and I couldn’t have asked for a better starting point!! It’s definitely given me exactly what I needed: Clarity."

Tee Atwell

"I would totally recommend Lorena for all your logo and illustration need, she is AMAZING! Lorena was awesome to work with, she took the time to listen and understand my vision [and] guided me to realize my vision with ease."

Natasha Anderson

"You ladies are legit kick ass design therapists! I have searched high and low for a designer who gets me and my brand. Perhaps, my flaw was looking for only one designer instead of a dyanmic duo!"

On working with Arcana Studio and Website Expert, Josie Ng


"It was the clarity we needed directionally and now we are aligned on where we are headed. [This] is simply an appreciation note of the work and service delivery to date, and we are thankful to be doing this exercise with Arcana Studio."

Mohammed Abdoolcarim

"Lorena and the Arcana team truly embody design thinking at its best. Where other designers tend to jump right into the solution, Lorena and team take the time to ask the pertinent questions about the client's business and industry up front so there is a clear and shared understanding of the desired outcome for the business."