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Eco-Friendly. Sustainable. Clothing.

Tove & Libra (T&L) was born out of pure love for clothing and inability to sit idle after seeing what was available in the women's clothing industry. Christine & Ivan come from a generational family of clothing manufacturers and was exasperated with the quality and clothing options available in the market at the expense of the environment and people. Fast forward a few years later, Tove & Libra is one of Hong Kong's most loved eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brand.

Christine knew that the brand was due for change and a big one at that. She had big ideas for expansion, but felt like the current brand was limiting that growth. She wanted to refresh the brand, revamp the website, and usher in a new era of clarity and clothing for Tove & Libra. A new brand that could help T&L stand confidently in the global stage. At the same time, she wanted to keep true to the original ethos of the brand and build upon the growth the company has had.

Mock up of a Tove & Libra thank you card, designed by Arcana StudioTove & Libra (T&L) logo on overlaid on top of a photo of a lady holding dried flowers over her face and body, the logo is designed by Arcana Studio


We started with our Brand Foundations and Strategy process but rebranding a beloved clothing company's identity is not an easy task. After the first round, Christine asked us to continue to dig deeper. Given her years of experience in the industry, she had tried many different avenues and felt like she had seen / heard a lot of the things from our first round of strategy - it wasn't necessarily new nor did it bring the brand clarity / story that felt impactful.

We continued to work through the brand story and the visual identity - looking to build something that looks elegant, can be embroidered, fit on tags, yet still have a unique and expressive presence. After many rounds of feedback and revision, we were able to hone into T&L's brand story : elevating standards. This is a brand that :

  • Instead of simply advocating for clothing to be made more sustainably, actually flipped the script and created their own clothing brand
  • Instead of offering clothing that simply looks nice, actually makes clothing solutions that can fit different lifestyles (hooray for machine washable!) 
  • Instead of offering really simple cuts and clothing that may be typically found in eco-friendly clothing, puts fashion first,

With their spirit in mind, we landed on the next evolution of the T&L logo, brand, colours and being. With the brand complete, T&L's e-commerce website was done by Josie Ng.

Before and after logo redesign and rebrand for Tove & Libra  by Arcana Studio

Instagram mock-up for Tove & Libra, a sustainable fashion studio, by Arcana Studio

Clothing label for Tove & Libra on peach fabric by Arcana Studio

Rough sketch for sustainable clothing brand redesign and rebrand by Arcana Studio

"Our new logo features a humanist sans serif font that captures the modern elegance of our designs. The subtle emphasis on the ampersand "&" reflects our focus on providing balance - style & sustainability, work & weekend, family & self."

- Christine, Tove & Libra