Zig FitMama

Finding (while laughing and crying) our bodies in motherhood



Foundations & Branding. Fractional CBO.


Perinatal Fitness Coach, Yoga, Podcasts, Self-Development

Ziggy’s years of work as a perinatal fitness coach and podcaster, combined with her humbly relatable perceptions on motherhood (mama of 3!) shared via IG, has evolved into an exponentially growing fanbase in Hong Kong and abroad. After the birth of her third child, she made the big decision to break out on her own and dive full time into her brand and business, Zig FitMama.

With this momentous transition, Ziggy reached out to us to help her focus on the key parts of her brand and offering and to prepare for the next evolution of her business.

Mock up of Zig FitMama's workshops, designed by Arcana StudioA photo of Ziggy Makant, founder of Zig FitMama with her son, and her new logo designed by Arcana Studio below


Being a Projector, Ziggy has an openness to life and infinite energy. She could see so many different avenues and ways to work with soon-to-be-moms and moms of one or several children - the difficulty was simply to channel it into what makes sense as a next step.

We worked with Ziggy as stand-in brand officers to go through a series of strategic questions meant to solidify her brand foundations. The insights from these working sessions allowed us to clearly see the vibe and domain that her brand should exude and feel. Given her extremely insightful and relatable nature, we crafted a brand that felt in tune with her ethos and core – being supportive and empathetic, while inspiring all of us to cradle and take better care of ourselves. Ziggy inspires us all to never shame ourselves, to express genuinely, to embrace our realities and to never forget the humour.

Before and after logo redesign and rebrand for a pre and post natal fitness instructor, Zig FitMama, by Arcana Studio
Evolution of Zig FitMama's Brand Identity

Tote bag with Zig FitMama logo full of wildflowers hanging on a ladder

“Omgggggg, I'm so in love. I'm so in love.

Thank you for the thoughtfulness and care you've put into this. I can't believe you've managed to make a logo out of my name, that looks like a pregnant person. I love it. I love it so much.

I think I used the word love too much.”

- Ziggy, Eco-Concious FitMama to 3