At The Table

The unseen work and effort that moves mountains


Brand Identity & Assets. Fractional CBO.


Marketing and Communications. Customer Journey. CMO & CTO.

Anna and Arcana Studio have had a long history together, so when Anna approached us to let us know that she was pursuing her calling and starting her own business, it was only natural that we bring her vision for her company to life.

When starting a new business, having a powerful brand is incredibly important. It can help give a sense of confidence, establish trust and give you a visual identity to anchor towards. However, it also needs to be flexible and be open to all possibilities that present itself.

GIF showing At The Table's logo with different table shapesMock-up of an iphone with the screen showing At The Table's logo, designed by Arcana Studio, on a black and white background with a chair


To build At The Table's branding, we wanted to focus on the company's philosophy and offering instead of doing a really deep and thorough dive on ideal clients to ensure that the branding was open to all potential opportunities.

It needed to communicate At The Table's unique offering - reviewing and assessing the end-to-end marketing and operations of a company and adding simplicity and ease. They're able to take the technical and non-technical parts of marketing like SEO, ad strategy, keywords, copywriting, email marketing funnels, and help companies build the infrastructure to support it and essentially have it run on autopilot.

Based on this, we wanted to create a brand that is at both welcoming, professional and strategic, and exudes empathy and trust. Because when you have a seat At The Table, you know you'll be taken care of.

mission of marketing and communication company designed by Arcana Studio

mock-up of a marketing report on a ipad or tablet sitting on a table

“Arcana have been amazing to work with. I don't know what I would do without you. Thank you!”

- Anna Tee, At The Table