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Coaching. Entrepreneurship. POC-Led. Self-Development.

Clara is a serial entrepreneur - and it shows. When you talk to her, you get the overwhelming sense of someone who has walked many lives and experienced different paths. She's now in a place that she really wants to share her knowledge and experience as she knows what works. Enter Coterie Noir, an accelerator program for women of colour to launch their product-based business from side hustle to CEO.

When we first started talking to Clara, she had already worked with a branding studio to create the visual identity Coterie Noir. However, she felt in her entrepreneur bones that it wasn't the right fit. That is when we connected with each other and go to talking - immediately after our discovery call, Clara knew.

Mock-up of Coterie Noir's tote bag, designed by Arcana StudioA photo of Clara Williams, founder of Coterie Noir, with squiggly lines framing her face.


Given that Clara had already done a brand strategy and set brand foundations with her copywriter and the previous branding agency, we wanted to leverage what we could and not waste any time! We honed into Clara’s philosophy of a no nonsense and freedom-seeking lifestyle, built based on supporting and lifting each other up and knew what the visual identity for this exclusive, yet welcoming, high-quality crowd of women of colour would be.

We combined modern and elegant shapes to craft a vision of the future based on learnings of the past combined with bright impactful colours,to bring through the essence of Coterie Noir and attract women of colour of the highest caliber. We collaborated with Squarespace website designer, Josie Ng, for the website.

Coterie Noir logo in different colours with wavy line pattern designed by Arcana Studio

Presentation pages scattered beside a cup of coffee for a group called Coterie Noir

“YOU ALL ARE WONDERFUL!!! I [don’t] quite have all the words to articulate. I truly appreciate you, the kindness, the way I felt supported and pushed.

You are willing to do more with me and I appreciate it. Everyone has said several times how beautiful it is.

Damn the shit is beautiful!

- Clara, Founder of Coterie Noir