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Healing & Wellness. Self-Development. Tarot Cards.

Good Peoples (GP) is an incredibly special place. It's a place to be gut wrenchingly raw, explosively open and most of all - enlightening. Through a powerful offering of workshops, sessions, readings and healing methods, Christina Ko helps you meet yourself and express it in our oldest form of self-expression: storytelling.

Naturally, GP's digital home also needed to be comparable to the in-person experience.

Two iphones showing mobile view of Good Peoples website homepage designed by Arcana StudioGood Peoples logo overlaid on textured photograph of concrete


Alongside At The Table, we built out GP's website. We wanted GP's website to give a sense of meandering wander yet purposeful discovery - similar to what going through her workshops and 1:1s is like. Through the power of absolutely breathtaking photos taken by Christina herself, paired with curated photography and thoughtful copy (also written by Christina), we discovered her website.

We say discovered as GP's website was built in a very organic method. Instead of starting with a moodboard, going through a wireframe and design, we actually chose to build the experience directly in Squarespace. Christina had already built a few pages ages ago, and these pages allowed us to understand who she was trying to talk to, her aesthetic and GP's overall vibe.

Four mobile screens showing Good Peoples events on personal growth designed by Arcana Studio

Laptop on bed open to a website showing Good Peoples audience designed by Arcana Studio

Screenshots of minimalistic visual website design designed by Arcana Studio

"I just wanted to say it was so nice to sit down with you guys. It was such an infusion of good vibes, after a week (really, a month) of feeling really not able to get into work, I went home that night and just felt so energized, and inspired, and creative. I had that feeling that I sometimes get when my brain is churning out ideas at a mile a minute and there's no way my fingers can catch up to type them out and bring them to life. I didn't write anything down sadly... but I'll try to remember this vibe!"

- Christina Ko, Good Peoples